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Is online faculty any good?

  • Angelina Casarez Angelina Casarez

    Yes, the online faculty members that I have worked with at Southern New Hampshire University are excellent. A lot of my professors have their doctorate degrees and all of them have a masters degree at minimum. In addition, the majority of them have several years of work experience in the field that they teach.

    Even though my professors don’t see their online students in person, we aren’t just numbers to them. They care about each of us. In my opinion, online faculty is more approachable than offline faculty because they understand the challenges that life throws at us. They are aware that school is not the only priority in our lives.

    Even when I have had difficulty in a class, my professors have put in extra time to help me. For example, math is not my best subject. I struggle with math, so I make a point to check in with my teacher often to make sure that I am on the right track. My professor always responds. In every case, I have found that as long as I am communicative, my professors will make time to give me extra help when I need it.

  • Tanya Faison Tanya Faison

    In my experience, the quality of the faculty depends on your institution. This is my first semester at Walden University. I transferred here after attending Kaplan University for over a year. I have only had 2 teachers at my current school, and so far I find them adequate, but not inspiring. But at Kaplan, most of the teachers were excellent.

    Online faculty are qualified to teach their subjects because of their credentials and work experience. Teachers introduce themselves to the class by informing students of their degrees and where they have worked in the past. All of my teachers hold either a masters degree or a PhD. They often work as professionals in their specialized fields too. Their practical experience brings greater depth to the courses that they teach.

    Not only are my professors highly experienced, it is easy to communicate with them. It is not the same as in a traditional setting, but if I have questions, there is a forum dedicated to resolving them. If I have a more personal issue to discuss I can e-mail my professors too.

    Despite my teacher’s efforts, the experiences that I had with professors in traditional classrooms were a lot more personal than those I have had in online classes. So even though my professors are knowledgeable and experienced, I don’t feel like I benefit as much from them as I would if we were in a traditional classroom environment.

  • Jody Galis Jody Galis

    Online faculty can be very good. American Intercontinental University hires high-quality faculty that do all they can to help us succeed. For example, when I was falling behind in a class, my teacher not only noticed, she called me at home to ask how she could help me get through the class. She got online and walked me through some of the things that I needed to do. So I appreciate the faculty’s personal touch, but I am also impressed with their academic credentials. A lot of my teachers have masters degrees in their field, and some of them are even former American Intercontinental University students.

    The advisors at my school are excellent too. I was assigned a group of advisors and I can tell that they care about my success because they constantly check in with me to make sure that I am progressing through my program. If I fall behind, they make sure I have access to tutors. The faculty makes it so that the only thing that could hold you back from success is yourself.

  • Krystal Gransbury Krystal Gransbury

    It is hard to say whether online faculty is good or not because each professor is different. Even though I had a negative experience with my professor who didn’t pay attention to whose work he was grading, I have also had positive experiences. For example, the teacher of my university studies class is organized, funny and well-spoken. His grading turnaround is very quick, but he still provides thorough feedback. So I would say that whether you get an outstanding professor or a lackluster one is luck of the draw. However, I do know that all of my online professors have the right qualifications to teach, because they all have earned doctorate degrees.

    It is important to keep in mind that faculty means not only your professors, but your advisory staff too. I found my academic advisor at University of Phoenix to be extremely helpful. When I was struggling with a paper, he even pointed me toward a couple of links in the online library that provided help with grammar and spelling. I found them very beneficial.

  • Susan Griffin Susan Griffin

    I think the online faculty at the University of Phoenix is exceptional because they have demonstrated that they are very understanding. When I have encountered problems, they have been willing to talk them over with me and make useful suggestions.

    I also appreciate how well my professors communicate with me. Not only do I have their e-mail addresses, I also have their phone numbers in case of an emergency. I haven’t had to call them yet, but I appreciate having the option in case I get into a bind.

  • Alleisha Heard Alleisha Heard

    I would say that my experience with online faculty has been very good. If I had to rate the faculty at my school, I would assess them at a 9.5/10. I think that they do a great job of working within the online format to provide students with an educational experience similar to that of a physical classroom, despite the fact that we are not face to face with our instructors.

    In fact, I can’t think of a single negative experience that I have had with either the facilitators or the administration at University of Phoenix. I still keep in touch with several of my previous instructors who call me occasionally to check up on me. My relationships with online faculty are more personal than you might think.

  • Brandon Johnston Brandon Johnston

    I think my professors are very knowledgeable based on their credentials and backgrounds. Some of my professors have advanced degrees in information technology, and have also worked for companies like Microsoft and Apple as consultants and business analysts. So they definitely seem like experts in the field who are more than equipped to teach students.

    Just like at a state school, some of my professors did seem to be more invested in teaching than others. Some of them were probably in it for the paycheck, but others would spend a significant amount of time uploading additional resources for us to utilize or becoming very involved in our class discussion. What it comes down to is that if you study online, you need to be willing to take responsibility for your own learning rather than expect it to be fed to you.

  • Nancy Lockett Nancy Lockett

    Yes, my online faculty is exceptional. My instructors are very knowledgeable and I have been impressed with their levels of experience. My school only hires highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals to facilitate our education. In fact, if I had to rate my facilitators on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say that they are more like an 11 or a 12. My teachers never leave me with unanswered questions. I have 24-hour access to them and I can ask questions in a public forum or through personal e-mails.

  • Cynthia Palmer Cynthia Palmer

    Yes, I feel like my online faculty does an excellent job teaching. They make sure to offer their students a lot of feedback so that we know we are on track to succeed in their class. If a teacher notices one of us struggling, he will make an effort to refer that student to other resources beyond the textbook.

    In fact, my teachers seem to be very knowledgeable. In each class, they post introductions that tell us about their educational background and their work experience. Nearly all of my teachers have their masters or doctorate degrees. Knowing that my teachers are learned and experienced helps me to trust in the education that Ashford University is providing me.

  • Justin Pettyjohn Justin Pettyjohn

    Yes, the online faculty who I have dealt with through the University of Phoenix have been professional and knowledgeable. I have also been particularly impressed with the fact that my academic advisor has remained engaged with me throughout my entire bachelors program. My relationship with him has been a big factor in my success. Not only does he check in on me to make sure that I am succeeding academically, he seems to care about me as an individual. For example, he calls me from time to time to make sure that I am staying motivated with my classes and keeping up with my work.

    That kind of communication works both ways too. A couple of times, I have called my advisor because I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that was expected of me. He acted as a sounding board and helped me to gain perspective on my situation. I appreciate that I have someone I can reach out to who will listen to me when I get stressed by all of the responsibilities that I have to juggle.