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How difficult is it to get a job with an online degree?

  • Angelina Casarez Angelina Casarez

    Based on my husband’s experience, I don’t think that having online degree will make it significantly harder to get a job. He had some previous experience working in the investment sector, but he recently graduated from Ashford University with an online degree. After completing school, he was able to get a better job within a month. I think that the current economic climate means that it can be difficult to get a job with any kind of degree, whether it is from an online school or not. But any degree is better than nothing.

    Some people think I will have a hard time with employment later, but I already have a job that I expect to keep after I finish my degree. I work for the Department of Defense in a program that they sponsor called the Student Career Experience Program. It allows me to gain on-the-job experience in my field, which is communications, while getting my education.

    Certain employers still believe that online degrees are less valuable than traditional degrees, so I think the best way that students can offset that negative perception is to start the job search early. You will have to seek out internships and companies that are willing to hire online students.

  • Tanya Faison Tanya Faison

    I do not know how difficult it is to get a job with an online degree, because I have not finished mine yet. I know many people perceive online education negatively though. Despite the skepticism surrounding online education, most people who want to talk to me about it are simply curious about how my program works.

    It is important to point out that the resources that online schools provide do prepare students for the job market. For instance, the webinars provided by my school give me the opportunity to learn about different jobs through the words of experienced professionals. Along with webinars, Walden University provides job placement services through its career center. I believe that these will be very helpful for finding a job.

  • Jody Galis Jody Galis

    Having a degree from an online school will not affect your ability to get a job, because it holds the same value as a degree from a brick-and-mortar university. But to make your job search easier, I recommend looking into the career center at your school. American International University has a great career center that offers practical instruction on how to write resumes and cover letters. They help you to prepare for interviews, too. You should take advantage of these kinds of resources if they are offered at your school, because it is a tough job market right now in a lot of fields.

  • Krystal Gransbury Krystal Gransbury

    I am not sure yet how difficult it will be to get a job with my online degree because I haven’t started looking for a job yet and it will be several years until I do. I have heard both sides of the debate and it seems like employers are split down the middle. Some companies don’t trust online degrees as much, which worries me. But other companies recognize that online education is a good way for working professionals to better themselves.

    The nice thing for me is that right now I have a really good job. I still want to get my degree in healthcare administration because I think it will allow me to go further, but I have the option of waiting until I find the right job. One thing that I think will help me to find that job is the alumni networking opportunities offered by University of Phoenix.

  • Susan Griffin Susan Griffin

    I had a difficult time getting a job with just my associates degree, which I also earned online through the University of Phoenix. I think that was because it is not a high-level degree and I didn’t have any real life work experience. That is why I decided to continue my education and get my bachelors degree. Still, my 4-year health administration and management program doesn’t actually provide any hands-on experience. That means that even when I do get hired, I will probably have to do some on-the-job training to get up to speed.

    The good news is that the University of Phoenix has a work enrichment center that you can either call up or visit online. The advisors and counselors there ask questions about your degree program and what kind of job you want to obtain. They don’t do direct job placement, but they offer referrals. They also offer tips for writing an attractive resume, which is very helpful for first-time job seekers.

  • Alleisha Heard Alleisha Heard

    I don’t believe I will have any undue difficulty getting a job with my online bachelors of criminal justice degree. Going to University of Phoenix has not hindered my job search in the least. In fact, I have been in the job market for a couple of months now, even though I am not set to graduate for 2 more months, because I wanted to be prepared. It is not like I hide the fact that my degree is from an online program, and I have gotten several calls back about the jobs that I have shown interest in.

    There might be some employers who still think less of a degree that was earned online, so if you are concerned about your future employment prospects, then you should see what kind of career resources your school offers. For instance, at University of Phoenix, there is a special webpage that lets students search for local job listings in their field.

  • Brandon Johnston Brandon Johnston

    I can’t answer that question honestly because I have not attempted to get a job since I don’t have my degree yet. But I suspect that earning my degree online will have neither a positive nor a negative effect on my ability to get a job. I don’t think it will have any influence because a degree is a degree, as long as it comes from an accredited institution.

  • Nancy Lockett Nancy Lockett

    I am not sure how difficult it is to get a job with an online degree because I have not tried to find employment yet. I have to admit that I am afraid to tell to people that I study online because there is still so much animosity toward online education.

    But I am comforted by the fact that there is a section of the University of Phoenix’s website dedicated to student job placement. In this section, advisors explain how students can use their online experiences to gain employment. The advisors also teach you how to take advantage of the fact that you studied online. I definitely plan to use this resource when it is time for me to seek employment.

  • Cynthia Palmer Cynthia Palmer

    I am not sure how an online degree will affect my job prospects. It seems like it is very difficult for teachers to get a job anywhere right now, whether their degrees are online or from a traditional school. I don’t know of anyone who has tried to get a job with credentials they earned online, since all of my peers are still in school, like me.

    Occasionally, people are skeptical about the value of my degree program since it is all online. But whenever someone asks about it, I tell them that I love it. Ashford University provides me with all the resources I need to succeed and I am learning so much that I think it would be unfair for a school to discriminate against someone with an online degree.

  • Justin Pettyjohn Justin Pettyjohn

    It is no more difficult to get a job with an online degree than it is with a degree from a traditional institution. I don’t think that the source of my degree has affected my job search in any way. I have interviewed with a few different IT companies, but none of those potential employers have asked me anything about whether I completed my program online or in person. In fact, I have gotten several calls from people that are interested in having me set up their networks and provide remote technological assistance for their businesses. As long as I have the job skills, people don’t seem to care where I got them.

    It seems like my degree has opened many doors for me. In my experience, companies are generally impressed by the fact that a person has the fortitude to finish a bachelors degree because it shows intelligence and the willingness to work hard. And especially in my field, an online degree presents no disadvantage.

    Another aspect that I appreciate about University of Phoenix is that they offered students help with job placement through an online career center. At the career center, they offered resume-building services and helped connect students with different outside organizations who had jobs to post.