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How computer savvy do you have to be to study online?

  • Angelina Casarez Angelina Casarez

    I would not say that a person has to be computer savvy to succeed in an online classroom. All you need are very basic computer skills, such as the ability to compose a Word document. The only software that a typical distance learner needs to know how to use is the Microsoft Office suite. I also took a graphic design course that required me to purchase Adobe Photoshop and Design Illustrator, but that isn’t typical for all majors.

    Problems with technology has not been an issue for me, but Southern New Hampshire University provides a link to technical help that students can access 24 hours a day just in case. My school also posts technology updates on Facebook when there are issues with our user interface, which is called Blackboard. Generally, if Blackboard is going to be down for maintenance, we know about it several days beforehand so that we can plan ahead to deal with the inconvenience. And if it does go down unexpectedly, the teachers know what is going on and are understanding of the dilemma.

  • Tanya Faison Tanya Faison

    In order to take online classes you have to know how to use the appropriate software, but you do not have to be too savvy. Programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are especially important to know. To study online, you have to know how to search the Internet for information and you need the ability to determine when information is reliable and when it isn’t.

    I am quite familiar with computers since I did graphic design for a long time. I have never had technical trouble with any online school but I know there is some technical help available.

    If you don’t have the necessary computer skills going into an online educational program, I suggest that you take a basic course from your school. You could also try to play around with the software and see if you can learn independently.

  • Jody Galis Jody Galis

    You do not have to be computer savvy at all to succeed in an online program. After my digital design coursework, I do consider myself to be pretty savvy with computers, but most programs will provide you with all of the software and programs that you need to use. Typically, the only skills you will need are those that almost everybody has, like how to browse the web, use instant messenger and check your e-mail.

    If you do run into a technical issue, most online schools have decent technical support to help you out. I had to use the tech department at American Intercontinental University once when I was having trouble downloading my Adobe software. I called them and they walked me through various steps to solve the problem.

  • Krystal Gransbury Krystal Gransbury

    I don’t think that online schooling requires people to be particularly computer savvy. But since I worked for Microsoft for several years, my perspective on what computer skills the average person has might be skewed. I would recommend that anyone who wants to participate in online education know how to effectively surf the Internet for research purposes. They should also be familiar with programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    At University of Phoenix, they don’t want students to be left behind because of technology, so students must complete a 3-week computer orientation before they are accepted as a student. In addition, the school provides 24-hour tech support.

  • Susan Griffin Susan Griffin

    You don’t have to be computer savvy, as long as you know the basics of software programs like Microsoft Word. You will definitely have to use Word and you might need to know how to use Excel and PowerPoint, depending on your program. You will also need to know how to download documents and how to submit assignments. But if you run into technical trouble, you can call the tech support department and they will walk you through the steps to find a solution.

  • Alleisha Heard Alleisha Heard

    I spend about 40 hours per week on the computer, but you actually don’t have to be computer savvy at all. In fact, the entire 4 years that I have gone to school here, I haven’t had to do any major computer-based projects. The only programs we use are Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. If you can log in to a website, you can go to school online. And if for some reason you do have trouble, there is 24/7 technical help that you can call to get assistance on any type of computer problem.

  • Brandon Johnston Brandon Johnston

    You don’t have to be computer savvy to study online. You need to be able to create a document in Microsoft Word and type a paper but that is about it. A good rule of thumb is that if you can use Facebook, you can study online. And if you are nervous about using the interface, there is no reason to be because you have to go through an orientation process that will teach you how to use the different areas of the site. Online universities make it very easy to navigate their systems.

  • Nancy Lockett Nancy Lockett

    You do not have to be very computer savvy in order to study online, although having familiarity with software programs like Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word will be beneficial. I also use Excel and PowerPoint in my studies.

    If you do not consider yourself a computer genius, don’t panic. There are plenty of resources available to help you get up to speed on your computer skills. For instance, the University of Phoenix offers very informative technology workshops to help students learn about the technological aspects of online education. I found the workshop to be very helpful. Once you finish it, you will know everything you need to be successful in an online school. And if you are confused but you don’t use this resource to your advantage, then you are cheating yourself.

  • Cynthia Palmer Cynthia Palmer

    Online school doesn’t require you to be particularly computer savvy. You should have some basic computer skills like how to use Google in order to conduct research. You should also be able to use a word processing program to create documents. But overall, you don’t need to be a computer whiz. If you feel like you need help getting up to speed on basic skills, you can always check out the local work force center, because they usually offer free or low-cost computer classes.

  • Justin Pettyjohn Justin Pettyjohn

    I don’t think that you have to be very tech-savvy or proficient with computers when you enroll in an online class because your school will guide you through the information that you need to know to succeed. I believe most online schools make it a point to teach you how to navigate their user interface as part of the orientation process.

    The basic programs that you will need to be familiar with are those in the Microsoft Office Suite, like Word and Excel. Because I am in an IT program that included classes in web design, I also have used design software like Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Studio. But those programs are specific to my degree path. If your degree doesn’t revolve around computer skills and performance, you won’t have to deal with those.